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K&N Air Intake

Time to start adding some horse power!!

A few weeks ago I installed a new Air Intake.


So what does this new air intake do?

Well it gives the engine A LOT more air. We gotta think of the engine as a big air pump. Air and oxygen goes in, explosions are on the inside, and exhaust goes out. That's the dumbest way to explain an engine; but it really shows you where you should be putting your money into upgrading your car. New intake, and new exhaust. Do that and your car will run a lot better!

So with all this new air being sucked into the engine, it makes a huge VROOM when you step on the gas. You can actually feel the air being vacuumed into the engine. It's a great feeling.

Adding this K&N Filter added 11.5 HP to the car @ 8700 RPM.
Have I noticed this on my day to day drive? Yes!! I can feel the engine revving faster, louder and everything feels just a little bit quicker.
So it's a successful install with successful results.
Total price: $260 Canadian (Purchased from Ebay, saved a lot of money!)
Install Time: 2 Hours.



Shocks, leaking oil, and headlights :S

So Mazda took a look at the RX-8 and found that the rear shocks were leaking hydrolic fluid, and one of the hoses in the front was leaking.

I later found out there was a recall on RX-8 hoses as the heads were getting corroded and leaking.

They offered to do a full replacement on the rear shocks under warranty for labour and parts; as well as replace the rear tail light which had been cracked; but I was on my own for the hoses.

I got them to order the parts for the hoses ($500) and got my buddy Colin to come over last weekend to help me fix them.

Now that's all taken care of; and she's no longer leaking oil!




New Rims $1100

Went to Kaltire and bought some brand new rims.
Everything was really great until they found some leaking fluids from the shocks....
Took the car back to Mazda to get investigated... At least it's looking less stock now.